The 4th Annual Vets Roll Bowling Fundraiser (sponsored by Avidity Science LLC) has been canceled for 2020.

"Vets Roll’s mission is to thank and pay tribute to The American Veteran, one of our greatest treasures, especially our WWII and most senior Veterans and ‘Rosie-the-Riveters’ – by transporting them to Washington, D.C. over four days of honor and remembrance, at no cost to our heroes.”

This fundraiser is one of our most successful for the short time Avidity (and prior to that, Edstrom) has been involved, and is spearmarked by Kristi Dangutis. She is from a military family and has seen first hand what our wonderful soldiers do.
This fundraiser has, indeed, become a labor of love, respect, & honor.

And it hurts to have to cancel this way.

The fundraiser WILL return in 2021. Those that booked for this year, will automatically be booked for 2021, unless you wish to withdraw. If so, please contact Kristi through the Event link.

Details are being worked out for certain auction items that contained expiration dates. This info will be posted here when T&C receives it.
Please check out the Facebook Event page for this info.

We will post in this space once we have dates finalized with the event organizers.

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