Monday ABC League

Secretary: Lorraine Draper
Week No. 17 of 28  1/18/2021         League Average: 171            

  Match Total Total Total          
  Points Points Pinfall Pinfall          
 Team StandingsWonLostWonScratchW/HCPHSGHSSHHGHHSTeam
1Face It7 802083722589481135951814582
2Sheila Mae's Town Fryer34701817322754455120653914591
3Pine Street Cafe 768.51653322074399111552214844
4Rainbow - TLCC4364151712184938399251913737
5RE/MAX Premier Propertie7 631661021773425112253014373
6Zumpano's Ristorante 754.51660221825385108149714419
7Touch of Class Food/Fun7 54152052195238498451113706
8Crossover Cantina X Eat43541761721883436118451714278
9Mad - Dan's34491581520699378110647914095

    1st Overall   2nd Overall  3rd Overall 1st This Week 2nd This Week
Game481Face It455Sheila Mae's Town Fryer436Crossover Cantina X Eat443Face It384Touch of Class Food/Fun
W/HCP 539Sheila Mae's Town Fryer530RE/MAX Premier Propertie522Pine Street Cafe511Touch of Class Food/Fun484RE/MAX Premier Propertie
Series1359Face It1206Sheila Mae's Town Fryer1184Crossover Cantina X Eat1286Face It1081RE/MAX Premier Propertie
W/HCP1484Pine Street Cafe1459Sheila Mae's Town Fryer1458Face It1399RE/MAX Premier Propertie1394Face It
Game225Bonnie L Schmidt211Lorraine A Draper205Mae Boeger187Bonnie L Schmidt181Lorraine A Draper
W/HCP264Elaine A. Phelps260Bonnie L Schmidt259Debbie Schoenherr237Nancy S. Dvonch226Lorraine A Draper
Series621Bonnie L Schmidt571Mae Boeger569Lorraine A Draper541Bonnie L Schmidt512Lorraine A Draper
W/HCP730Bonnie L Schmidt726Mary Anne Thomas706Elaine A. Phelps654Debbie Schoenherr651Nancy S. Dvonch
Game300Randall G Clark279Dale Thomas236Kurt Schoenherr256Randall G Clark224Dale Thomas
W/HCP295Dale Thomas279Randall G Clark275Ronald A. White275Ronald A. White263Roy Hartman
Series782Randall G Clark683Dale Thomas642Fred A. Moore745Randall G Clark598Dale Thomas
W/HCP777Roy Hartman749Jerry A Smetana745Randall G Clark745Randall G Clark737Roy Hartman

  Individual Records Gme PinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
1 Sheila Mae's Town Fryer
011Mary Anne Thomas51814415954199543253726
013Dale Thomas511002919621279683295744
2 Face It
015Bonnie L Schmidt51921118036225621260730
020Randall G Clark4810918227 300782279745
3 RE/MAX Premier Propertie
009Roy Hartman51859316846216633266777
021Peter J Hanson43672715657236555243662
4 Pine Street Cafe
005Elaine A. Phelps51788515459201517264706
006Burt Phelps41703717144227621269644
5 Mad - Dan's
017Nancy S. Dvonch48724915162181509242672
018Tom L. Miller42754917936225623249737
6 Touch of Class Food/Fun
001Jerry A Smetana45673614963198545267749
007Ronald A. White51766515063212504275705
7 Rainbow - TLCC
014Debbie Schoenherr45577412882175437259701
016Kurt Schoenherr42725517243236582250714
8 Crossover Cantina X Eat
002Rodney Sebo48795716549223587267737
022Fred A. Moore36661418333231642264730
9 Zumpano's Ristorante
010Mae Boeger51822716153205571253672
019Lorraine A Draper48819017045211569256684
008Edith Riemer31856114373185  
023Chuck Strehlow9162718036202567  

Star Bowler for Game
Nancy S. Dvonch24 pins over average with 174 game
Ronald A. White63 pins over average with 212 game
Star Bowler for Series
Debbie Schoenherr24 pins over average with 405 series
Roy Hartman95 pins over average with 593 series

1/25/2021 10:00 AM5*26*310*84*97*1
2/1/2021 10:00 AM9*107*83*41*25*6

Top 10   Scratch Game  Scratch Series Handicap Game Handicap Series
1187Bonnie L Schmidt541Bonnie L Schmidt237Nancy S. Dvonch654Debbie Schoenherr
2181Lorraine A Draper512Lorraine A Draper226Lorraine A Draper651Nancy S. Dvonch
3174Nancy S. Dvonch462Nancy S. Dvonch225Mary Anne Thomas649Bonnie L Schmidt
4171Mary Anne Thomas454Mary Anne Thomas225Debbie Schoenherr647Lorraine A Draper
5168Mae Boeger449Elaine A. Phelps223Bonnie L Schmidt626Elaine A. Phelps
6163Elaine A. Phelps447Mae Boeger222Elaine A. Phelps616Mary Anne Thomas
7142Debbie Schoenherr405Debbie Schoenherr220Mae Boeger603Mae Boeger
1256Randall G Clark745Randall G Clark275Ronald A. White745Randall G Clark
2224Dale Thomas598Dale Thomas263Roy Hartman737Roy Hartman
3215Roy Hartman593Roy Hartman256Randall G Clark709Jerry A Smetana
4212Ronald A. White554Tom L. Miller245Jerry A Smetana662Tom L. Miller
5201Tom L. Miller543Chuck Strehlow245Dale Thomas662Peter J Hanson
6188Chuck Strehlow517Jerry A Smetana237Tom L. Miller661Dale Thomas
7181Jerry A Smetana509Kurt Schoenherr235Peter J Hanson656Ronald A. White
8179Kurt Schoenherr488Peter J Hanson224Chuck Strehlow651Chuck Strehlow
9177Peter J Hanson474Rodney Sebo222Kurt Schoenherr638Kurt Schoenherr
10173Rodney Sebo467Ronald A. White221Rodney Sebo618Rodney Sebo

TOP 3 Weekly Game Over Average Weekly Series Over Average
 Game - Ave = DifferenceSeries - Ave = Difference
1174 - 150 = 24Nancy S. Dvonch405 - 381 = 24Debbie Schoenherr
2142 - 127 = 15Debbie Schoenherr462 - 450 = 12Nancy S. Dvonch
3171 - 160 = 11Mary Anne Thomas512 - 510 = 2Lorraine A Draper
1212 - 149 = 63Ronald A. White593 - 498 = 95Roy Hartman
2215 - 166 = 49Roy Hartman517 - 444 = 73Jerry A Smetana
3181 - 148 = 33Jerry A Smetana745 - 678 = 67Randall G Clark