Sat. Rockin' Rollers

President: Cotie Holbek
Secretary: Lori Melahn
Week No. 7 of 16  12/1/2018         League Average: 150            

  Match Total Points Total Total          
  Points Points Round 1 Pinfall Pinfall          
 Team StandingsWonLostWonLostWeek 7ScratchW/HCPHSGHSSHHGHHSTeam
1Moves Like Keeker7 409401680018474889259596228146
2What the S#!t?5237123714477184528392331100328232
3Pin Pals2531183113083180007842255102229698
41/2 Crazy 1/2 Nuts432524251251917865724194696927443
5After Further Review252326231058917540572162891026425
6Photography by Kathy432326231145717502631179089625857
7Bi-Polar Bowlers522326231139517134614179388525551
8And We Pay For This?341435141237817511644182488625569
9It's All Relative 71039101125914883704195689325624
10The Stubiers341039105450101065571545941269710

  1st Overall   2nd Overall  3rd Overall 1st This Week 2nd This Week
Game889Moves Like Keeker839What the S#!t?784Pin Pals829Moves Like Keeker735What the S#!t?
W/HCP1022Pin Pals1003What the S#!t?9691/2 Crazy 1/2 Nuts941The Stubiers9361/2 Crazy 1/2 Nuts
Series2595Moves Like Keeker2331What the S#!t?2255Pin Pals2428Moves Like Keeker2018What the S#!t?
W/HCP2969Pin Pals2823What the S#!t?2814Moves Like Keeker2697The Stubiers26471/2 Crazy 1/2 Nuts
Game245Taylor Melahn223Julie Olson218Ellie Mack245Taylor Melahn217Debbie Lafauce
W/HCP280Debbie Lafauce268Julie Olson257Taylor Melahn280Debbie Lafauce257Taylor Melahn
Series676Taylor Melahn554Julie Olson552Ellie Mack676Taylor Melahn530Debbie Lafauce
W/HCP719Debbie Lafauce712Taylor Melahn704Cindi Bartelt719Debbie Lafauce712Taylor Melahn
Game290Dave Melahn285Rick Bartelt279Cotie Holbek246Dave Melahn231Paul Jensen
W/HCP318Kyle Bartelt308Rick Bartelt293Dave Melahn271Steven C. Enger266Paul Jensen
Series770Rick Bartelt758Kyle Bartelt747Dave Melahn659Steven C. Enger623Rick Bartelt
W/HCP938Kyle Bartelt839Rick Bartelt797Steven C. Enger797Steven C. Enger707David B Henriksen

  Individual Records GmePinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
1 Bi-Polar Bowlers
044Lori Withey12161913472149429  
045Shanthi M Henriksen18229612779156439205586
046David B Henriksen21277013175175470250707
047Scott Withey18272715157189500241649
2 What the S#!t?
001Jill Enger18247513770165440225644
002Lori Melahn21310614761184510242666
003Steven C. Enger18311417337225659271797
004Dave Melahn2144782131290747293780
3 1/2 Crazy 1/2 Nuts
031Garth Babcock21326115554212539252649
032Cheryl Kreuser21267112779171448257694
034Debbie Lafauce15227815157217530280719
035Dan Lafauce18307617040217549228651
4 It's All Relative
006Ellie Mack15257117139218552243678
007Joni M. Gruber9145016148195545  
008Tom Gruber15200713373183448201543
009Joe Mack18299116644215558236655
048Jacob Mack9137015256186512  
5 After Further Review
015Kelli Foster21173882119123288230635
016Wendy Barth21262012481167418248664
042Russ Foster21244211689167419233633
043Dave Barth21378918031226604247699
6 Moves Like Keeker
018Julie Olson21354616842223554268690
020Kyle Keeker15305620310243687259735
026Taylor Melahn2143002049245676257712
036Cotie Holbek184157230 279745269745
041Bonnie L Schmidt        
  Individual Records GmePinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
7 Photography by Kathy
021Matt Dean2143982095236677242695
022Kathy Dean21253212085161404247657
023Greg Skrundz12141011788146369  
024Debbie Hebior15184212283163412249670
039Robin Neal963170130111229  
040Roy Neal664410797124336  
8 Pin Pals
027Cindi Bartelt18257214265179488251704
028Lauren Bartelt18220612283152394220633
029Kyle Bartelt21343316346258758318938
030Rick Bartelt21416419815285770308839
9 And We Pay For This?
005Luann Schwedler18216212085159410215598
010Angie Jensen18227912680178443214609
025Bill Schwedler21350016644214553249691
033Paul Jensen21375017833231577266685
10 The Stubiers
051Jeanine Drier12133011094143380  
052Dan Drier12148612382179422  
053Jamie Stueber12134611292146378  
054Rob Stueber12128810797150392  
014Carolyn Grampo        
017Dale E. Grampo        
049Joseph M. Dietz6108918130236587  
050Ethan Witterholt3717239 253717  

12/15/2018 7:00 PM3*98*16*102*47*5
12/29/2018 7:00 PM8*102*59*41*73*6

Top 10   Scratch Game  Scratch Series Handicap Game Handicap Series
1245Taylor Melahn676Taylor Melahn280Debbie Lafauce719Debbie Lafauce
2217Debbie Lafauce530Debbie Lafauce257Taylor Melahn712Taylor Melahn
3190Julie Olson513Julie Olson249Debbie Hebior694Cheryl Kreuser
4167Wendy Barth455Cindi Bartelt248Wendy Barth677Jeanine Drier
5167Cindi Bartelt448Cheryl Kreuser247Cheryl Kreuser670Debbie Hebior
6165Cheryl Kreuser412Debbie Hebior238Jeanine Drier653Cindi Bartelt
7163Debbie Hebior401Lori Withey233Cindi Bartelt639Julie Olson
8156Lori Melahn393Lori Melahn232Julie Olson633Lauren Bartelt
9141Lori Withey383Wendy Barth221Kathy Dean633Jamie Stueber
10139Jeanine Drier381Lauren Bartelt221Jamie Stueber627Kathy Dean
1246Dave Melahn659Steven C. Enger271Steven C. Enger797Steven C. Enger
2231Paul Jensen623Rick Bartelt266Paul Jensen707David B Henriksen
3230Rick Bartelt603Dave Melahn266Dan Drier704Rob Stueber
4225Steven C. Enger601Matt Dean254Rob Stueber699Dave Barth
5213Dave Barth597Dave Barth250David B Henriksen683Dan Drier
6204Matt Dean568Paul Jensen248Bill Schwedler674Rick Bartelt
7204Bill Schwedler528Dan Lafauce247Rick Bartelt673Paul Jensen
8187Dan Lafauce500Bill Schwedler247Dave Barth651Dan Lafauce
9183Scott Withey473Scott Withey246Dave Melahn647Scott Withey
10179Dan Drier470David B Henriksen241Scott Withey633Russ Foster

TOP 3 Weekly Game Over Average Weekly Series Over Average
 Game - Ave = DifferenceSeries - Ave = Difference
1217 - 145 = 72Debbie Lafauce530 - 435 = 95Debbie Lafauce
2163 - 119 = 44Debbie Hebior448 - 369 = 79Cheryl Kreuser
3245 - 201 = 44Taylor Melahn676 - 603 = 73Taylor Melahn
1225 - 163 = 62Steven C. Enger659 - 489 = 170Steven C. Enger
2179 - 118 = 61Dan Drier392 - 297 = 95Rob Stueber
3231 - 176 = 55Paul Jensen470 - 381 = 89David B Henriksen