Sat. Rockin' Rollers

President: Cotie Holbek
Secretary: Lori Melahn
Week No. 9 of 16  1/9/2021         League Average: 169            

  Match Total Points Total Total          
  Points Points Round 1 Pinfall Pinfall          
 Team StandingsWonLostWonLostWeek 9ScratchW/HCPHSGHSSHHGHHSTeam
1Chubby Rednek's Bitches434518452191923602904259296627864
2It's All Relative523231321749222982770209798726683
3What the S#!t?343231321830322899829239996627952
4 After Further Review II7 3033301578122753670193092426921
6Team 5 72340231417622561588165790326055

  1st Overall   2nd Overall  3rd Overall 1st This Week 2nd This Week
Game904Chubby Rednek's Bitches829What the S#!t?770It's All Relative889Chubby Rednek's Bitches770It's All Relative
W/HCP987It's All Relative966What the S#!t?966Chubby Rednek's Bitches987It's All Relative944Chubby Rednek's Bitches
Series2592Chubby Rednek's Bitches2399What the S#!t?2097It's All Relative2496Chubby Rednek's Bitches2110What the S#!t?
W/HCP 2795What the S#!t?2786Chubby Rednek's Bitches2692After Further Review II2692After Further Review II2661Chubby Rednek's Bitches
Game279Taylor Melahn229Victoria Enger212Ellie Mack229Taylor Melahn212Ellie Mack
W/HCP293Taylor Melahn282Taylor Holbek259Amanda Gerth253Ellie Mack248Tina Dubinsky
Series731Taylor Melahn578Ellie Mack537Amanda Gerth637Taylor Melahn578Ellie Mack
W/HCP773Taylor Melahn721Taylor Holbek703Tina Dubinsky703Tina Dubinsky701Ellie Mack
Game289Cotie Holbek267Steven Gerth259Dave Barth270Cotie Holbek256Jacob Mack
W/HCP291Ted Dubinsky289Cotie Holbek287Jacob Mack291Ted Dubinsky287Jacob Mack
Series792Cotie Holbek751Dave Melahn706Dave Barth751Dave Melahn729Cotie Holbek
W/HCP792Cotie Holbek784Joe Mack781Dave Melahn781Dave Melahn751Dave Barth

  Individual Records Gme PinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
1 After Further Review II
012Wendy Barth27345712878155418230650
026Jennie Schneider27304911292159377253659
042Marty Schneider27381614166199478268685
043Dave Barth27545920211259706259751
2 What the S#!t?
002Victoria Enger18273715256229532234627
003Steven C. Enger348416148177484  
004Lori Melahn27405215058187514238688
032Dave Melahn2756312086258751268781
048Thundercock Enger32006613479200  
3 It's All Relative
006Ellie Mack15261217436212578253701
009Joe Mack18297516545223619278784
033Jacob Mack24437718229256628287736
044Jesse Mack21360717139213586243681
045Abby Smith986496107139347  
4 Chubby Rednek's Bitches
024Amanda Gerth21337816049211537259681
031Steven Gerth214534215 267688267694
034Taylor Melahn2449652068279731293773
035Cotie Holbek276318234 289792289792
  Individual Records GmePinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
5 Team 5
036Taylor Holbek27377213968210505282721
041Desmen Pete27230485117120301237661
6 Trouble
037Melissa Miller24227994108126311235636
038Tina Dubinsky27338312581165454248703
039Deb Miller24286011986151408237647
040Ted Dubinsky18262914662226490291685
001Jill Enger        
007Joni M. Gruber        
008Tom Gruber        
027Lori Withey        
028Shanthi M Henriksen        
029David B Henriksen        
030Scott Withey        
046Joseph Dietz61407234 269723  
047Jamie Lubar346115355199461  

1/23/2021 7:00 PM2*53*14*6
2/6/2021 7:00 PM4*36*52*1

Top 10   Scratch Game  Scratch Series Handicap Game Handicap Series
1229Taylor Melahn637Taylor Melahn253Ellie Mack703Tina Dubinsky
2212Ellie Mack578Ellie Mack248Tina Dubinsky701Ellie Mack
3167Amanda Gerth470Lori Melahn237Taylor Melahn661Taylor Melahn
4165Victoria Enger460Amanda Gerth224Wendy Barth647Lori Melahn
5165Tina Dubinsky454Tina Dubinsky224Jennie Schneider634Wendy Barth
6164Lori Melahn436Victoria Enger223Lori Melahn628Jennie Schneider
7154Taylor Holbek410Taylor Holbek221Taylor Holbek611Taylor Holbek
8145Wendy Barth397Wendy Barth220Victoria Enger601Victoria Enger
9132Jennie Schneider352Jennie Schneider214Amanda Gerth601Amanda Gerth
10107Abby Smith270Abby Smith211Abby Smith582Abby Smith
1270Cotie Holbek751Dave Melahn291Ted Dubinsky781Dave Melahn
2256Jacob Mack729Cotie Holbek287Jacob Mack751Dave Barth
3254Dave Melahn706Dave Barth270Cotie Holbek729Cotie Holbek
4244Dave Barth670Steven Gerth267Marty Schneider685Ted Dubinsky
5235Steven Gerth584Jacob Mack264Dave Melahn681Jesse Mack
6226Ted Dubinsky558Jesse Mack259Dave Barth679Marty Schneider
7202Jesse Mack490Ted Dubinsky243Jesse Mack677Jacob Mack
8199Marty Schneider475Marty Schneider235Steven Gerth670Steven Gerth
992Desmen Pete244Desmen Pete209Desmen Pete595Desmen Pete

TOP 3 Weekly Game Over Average Weekly Series Over Average
 Game - Ave = DifferenceSeries - Ave = Difference
1212 - 169 = 43Ellie Mack454 - 366 = 88Tina Dubinsky
2165 - 122 = 43Tina Dubinsky578 - 507 = 71Ellie Mack
3229 - 206 = 23Taylor Melahn470 - 447 = 23Lori Melahn
1226 - 142 = 84Ted Dubinsky751 - 609 = 142Dave Melahn
2256 - 180 = 76Jacob Mack706 - 594 = 112Dave Barth
3199 - 139 = 60Marty Schneider490 - 426 = 64Ted Dubinsky