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Thank you for your patience. Below are the links to view the FINAL prize lists for Team & 9-Pin.

Team Tournament (link opens five-page pdf - not suggested for mobile users - in new screen) 

Optionals (Men and Women) ARE INCLUDED in the above link.

9-Pin Tap Tournament (Link opens single-page pdf in new screen)

UNOFFICIAL FINAL Tournament Standings

Team Tournament (OFFICIAL FINAL)

Mens Optionals (OFFICIAL FINAL) [PDF]
Womens Optionals (OFFICIAL FINAL) [PDF]
(List of OPTIONAL standings showed those who have potentially cashed, and is NOT a complete listing of all that participated)

9-Pin Tournament (OFFICIAL FINAL)
(links open new pages)

OFFICIAL Low-To-Pay scores
Team: 3284 / 9-Pin: 808

Junior Bowlers Scholarship Tour
The JBST will be making a stop at T&C on Sunday, October 2nd (Check-in starts at 8 AM, with bowling starting at 10 AM Sharp).
Cost to bowl is $45 (with Junior Gold qualifiers $40 each).
Space is limited to the first 90 bowlers.

TO REGISTER: Visit and follow the instructions there.
Or, see their event page on Facebook.
(both links open new pages)

Tournament Schedule

Ongoing Tournaments
T&C 9-Pin Handicap Tournament - Spring 
Annual T&C Handicap Team Tournament - Spring

One Day Tournaments
"Over 90" Scratch Doubles - Fall
Holiday Scratch Doubles - December
Got Merle'd Baker Classic - Winter
Mixed Scratch Doubles - Winter
Senior Scratch Doubles - Winter

Note to the above schedule: T&C will be a host center for the 2017 Wisconsin Seniors Tournament and some mid-Winter dates may fluctuate from previous years. More details coming.