264 South Pine St. Burlington, WI 53105

"Over 90" Combined Scratch Doubles Tournement

When: Saturday, November 5th, 2016 at 12 Noon Sharp (Check-in 11:00 AM-11:45 AM) 

(Please arrive early as lane assignments will be drawn for)

Cost: $60 per bowler/$120 per team (breakdown: Prize fund $40, Expenses/Lineage $20)

First place prize is $600 (based on full 32-team field). Prize ratio is 1 out of 3. Top prize pro-rated based on number of entries.

Teams can consist of two men, two women, or one man/one woman.
Combined ages of team members must be at least 90 years or greater as of 11/5/16
(ex: Bowler one is aged 30, bowler two must be at least 60)

Brackets and side pots will be available during the first round of qualifying.

Entry deadline is October 30th, 2016 (with entries completed and paid in full by this time)

On your PC, download and print an entry blank here (new page, PDF file)

All USBC rules apply

T&C's !st Annual One-Day Scratch Double Elimination Tournament
Sponsored by Miller Lite

50 & Over and Ladies events are still taking reservations

OPEN DIVISION BOWLERS: In order to GUARANTEE your spot, we will need you to pay for your spot ahead of time. Print out and send in your entry blank as soon as possible.

When: Tournament will be run on three separate days BASED ON DIVISION:
Ladies: Saturday, November 19th at 12 Noon Sharp
50 & Over: Sunday, November 20th at 10:00 AM Sharp
Open Division: Saturday, December 10th at 9 AM Sharp (FULL)
(50 & Over Division: must be at least 50 as of 11/20/2016)
(Open Division allows men & women aged 18 and over)

Registration starts 60 minutes prior to squad start time (You will draw for bracket seed at check-in)

Practice starts 10 minutes prior to squad start time

Cost: $80 per bowler, per event ($5 expense fee, $10 lineage, $65 prize fund)

Projected 1st place prizes:
Open: $1800 (based on FULL FIELD of 64)
Ladies & Over 50: $800 (based on FULL FIELD of 32 each)
Prize ratio is 1 out of 4 and will be pro-rated based on entries

Oil pattern for each event will be "Beaten Path"

All bowlers start with a 2-game match against the same person.
Higher total pinfall in each individual match advances half the field to the winners bracket.
Lower total pinfall in each individual match moves the other half of field to the losers bracket.

From this point, all matches will be head-to-head and will consist of one game until there is a winner.

We will not be re-oiling inbetween any games. There will not be any practice inbetween games. During matches where another bowler has a bye, there will be a pair available for shadow balls. Once you lose TWICE (including the initial 2-game match, you are out of the tournament.

NOTE: One entry blank exists for all three divisions.

This tournament replaces the ongoing Miller Lite All-Star Scratch Tournament.

On your PC, download and print an entry blank here (two pages, PDF, new page)
Please complete a separate form for each division you plan on participating in.

All USBC rules apply

3rd Annual "Got Merle'd?" Baker Team Classic

When: Sunday, November 27th at 11:00 AM Sharp (Check-in from 10:00 AM to 10:45 AM)

(Please arrive early to draw 1st Round lane assignments)

Cost: $50 per bowler/$250 per team of five

First Place team prize is $1400 (based on 18 teams, 1 out of 3 teams will cash).
See entry blank for additional prizes and Rules

Tournament is HANDICAPPED with a team maximum average of 1100
Team handicap will be 80% of 1100

Format: Round One consists of 18 Baker-style games (one on each lane of the house)
Round Two: Cut to top six teams, bowling two additional games in Baker match play
Round Three: Top three teams bowl two Baker games in Stepladder finals

On your PC, download and print an entry blank here (two pages, PDF, new page)
NOTE: This is the corrected entry blank

All USBC rules apply

Note: Dates for all tournaments are subject to change. Sign-ups for each event will occur once the date gets closer.

Ongoing Tournaments
T&C 9-Pin Handicap Tournament - Starting in April
Annual T&C Handicap Team Tournament - Starting in April

Single-Day Tournaments
11/5/16: "Over 90" Combined Doubles Tournament
11/19/16: T&C Ladies Double Elimination Scratch Tournament *
11/20/16: T&C Seniors Double Elimination Scratch Tournament *
11/27/16 "Got Merle'd" Baker Tournament #
12/3/16: Senior Scratch Doubles Tournament #
12/10/16: T&C Open Double Elimination Scratch Tournament *
12/11/16: Frequency Bowlers Tournament Tour "Long & Short of It" Stop
12/17/16: Holiday Doubles Scratch Tournament
1/14/17 : Mixed Doubles Scratch Tournament

* indicates Tournament replacing the Miller Lite All-Star event with a single-day event
# indicating a date change from previous years due to the Wi State Seniors Tournament (Feb-Mar-Apr)