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Current Tournament Standings
Team Tournament
Mens Optionals (thru Squad #16) [PDF]
Womens Optionals (thru Squad #16) [PDF]

9-Pin Tournament (UNOFFICIAL FINAL)
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Low-To-Pay scores (as of 5/22/16)
Team: 3270
9-Pin: 808

Towne and Country Lanes
44th Annual Handicap Team Tournament
March 4, 2016 through May 28, 2016

Entries close at 7PM on Saturday, May 28, 2016
USBC Sanctioned - All USBC rules apply, including Youth participation/parental consent.

First Place $4000 Guaranteed
Second Place $2000 Guaranteed

$30 per bowler / $150 per Team of Five
Teams can be all men, all women, or mixed
Teams may participate as often as they wish. Not more than three players on the same team can place more than once in the prize standings.
Prize ratio for Team bowling is 1 out of 5 teams cashing

Optional Singles side event - $5 per entry
(Bowlers may cash more than once in Optional Singles, but only ONCE within the Top Ten spots)
Separate Divisions for Men and Women for Optionals
Prize ratio for Optionals is 1 out of 10 bowlers cashing
Bowlers MUST return their ORIGINAL copy of the Optionals entry blank to the Tournament office immediately following bowling to be considered for any prize.

Averages used: Highest USBC book average, 21 games or more, during 2014-15 season.
If no average, use highest book average, 21 games or more, for 2013-14 season.
If no average, bowlers may use current league average for 21 games or more in a single league.
If still no average, bowlers will use 215 (scratch).
Fifteen pin rule will apply
Handicapping is 80% of a 215 base

Averages below 125 will have handicap calculated at a 125 average (maximum individual HDCP)
Averages from a "Sport", Challenge", or "Build Your Own Pattern" league (or simular) must report average as a "Sport" average.
Name of league and center bowled at must be disclosed at time of check-in.
Re-rate rules apply.

Squad Leaders receive $50 for a full squad of six teams or more
Special Squad Times available upon request
Brackets available upon request

On your PC, download an entry blank as follows: PAGE 1 (entry form) / PAGE 2 (squad times & rules)
(new windows open in PDF format)

Towne and Country Lanes
Singles 9-Pin Tap Tournament
April 1, 2016 through May 22, 2016
Entries have closed. Unofficial standings available at above link.

Tournament Schedule

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