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Tournament Information 43 years under the same family ownership

2015 Wisconsin State Lions Tournament

UNOFFICIAL STANDINGS as of 4/19/15 (all links will open new windows)
Team Event
Doubles Event
Singles Event

All-Events SCRATCH (positions 1-89)
All-Events SCRATCH (positions 90-179)
All-Events SCRATCH (positions 180 and lower)

All-Events HANDICAP (positions 1-89)
All-Events HANDICAP (positions 90 and lower)
(All above pages will open as a PDF file in a new window)

2014-2015 Towne & Country Lanes All-Star Bowling Tournament
serving Southern Wisconsin & Northern Illinois
Produced by WIN Media and presented by Miller Lite

FINAL First-Round Standings:
Regular Division | Seniors Division | Womens Division
FINAL Second Round standings: Regular Division | Seniors Division
     (NOTE: The Womens Division did not bowl a second round. Instead, there was a one-game roll-off to determine fourth place. Daniela Martorano won the roll-off for fourth place and participated with the top 3 Women for their championship).

Winners will be revealed...
...once the shows have been prepared for webcast. As we did last year, the shows will be made available for streaming online (see link on our Home Page for details). That way, you do not have to live in the broadcast area to view, plus you can view any or all of the shows at your leisure.

Towne & Country Lanes Annual 9-Pin Tap Handicap Tournament
Running April 4-May 23, 2015

UNOFFICIAL STANDINGS as of 4/19/15 9-Pin (link opens new window)
NOTE: Top score allowed per rules is 900. Bowlers exceeding 900 will have their final standing's score capped at 900.

$500 First Place, based on 500 total entries
Bowl as often as you wish. You can cash multiple times, but only ONCE within the Top Ten positions.
$30 per entry. One of every ten entries will cash.
Handicap is 80% of 215. Fifteen pin rules applies to this tournament. See entry blank for average particulars. Those without a qualifying average will be assigned 180 (men) and 150 (women).
Maximum score allowed is capped at 900, irregardless of handicap.
Squad leaders with a squad of 18 paid bowlers will receive a free entry.

Entries close at 7:00 PM on May 23, 2015

Entry blank is a two-page entry.
Page One covers rules, handicapping, averaging, etc. Page Two is the actual entry form.
Download page one \ Download page two (new windows, PDF files)

43rd Annual

Running March 28-May 23, 2015
High Roller Squad is on Friday, May 8th at 7 PM SHARP.

UNOFFICIAL STANDINGS as of 4/19/15 Team Event Only (link opens new window)

USBC Sanctioned
$4000 First Place Team, $2000 Second Place Team (Guaranteed based on entries)
Bowl as often as you wish. No more than three players from the same team can place more than once in the prize standings. Open to Mens, Ladies, or Mixed Teams.
$150 per team entry ($30 per bowler). One out of every five team entries will cash.
Handicap is 80% of 215. Fifteen Pin rule applies to this tournament. Youth parental consent rule applies. Sport/Challenge League averages shall be declared prior to bowling.

Optional Singles event:
Cost is $5 per entry. Enter Optionals as many times as you wish, but cash only once within the top Ten entries. Separate Mens and Womens divisions for Optional Singles.

Entries close at 7:00 PM on May 23, 2015

Entry blank is a two-page entry.
Page One is the actual entry form. Page Two covers all tournament-specific rules including (but not limited to) averaging, parental consent for youth bowlers, handicapping, substitutions, etc.
Download page one | Download page two (new windows, PDF files)

Please note that there is a typo on the list of Squad Times on page two. For Saturday, May 9th AND Saturday, May 16th, the 11PM squad time listed is actually 11AM.


Ongoing Tournaments

All-Star Tournament Qualifying: Fall
T&C 9-Pin Handicap Tournament - Spring
Annual T&C Handicap Team Tournament - Spring
One Day Tournaments

"Over 90" Scratch Doubles - Early Fall
Scratch Match Play 2-Day Tourney - Early Fall
Holiday Scratch Doubles - December
Family Twosome - October (2014 only)
Mixed Scratch Doubles - Winter
Senior Scratch Doubles - Winter

Having trouble viewing the entry blanks?
We recommend you download the latest version of Adobe Reader (which will also allow you to print your entry blank at your leisure).
Click here to do so (new window).

Towne & Country Lanes
264 S. Pine St., Burlington, WI 53105
Phone: (262) 763-7333 / Fax: (262) 763-3231

Email: info@towneandcountrylanes.com

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