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Open Bowling Information 43 years under the same family ownership

While open bowling is available virtually every day, it is always best to call ahead to ensure availability, particularly during tournament season or on weekends.

All open play is on a first-come, first-served basis (but you CAN and SHOULD reserve for Cosmic Bowling PRIZE NIGHTS).

Sunday-only Specials (Sun. Morning Special, Beat The Clock, and Buck Night Bowling) are seasonal and run during the months of September through May. Towne & Country Lanes is CLOSED on Sundays from June-August.

Towne and Country Lanes accepts Mastercard, Visa, and Discover credit & debit cards. Cash is always welcome. Personal checks accepted from current league bowlers only, please. We have an ATM on-site for your convenience. We offer reloadable gift cards in any denomination.

In today's economy, a dollar doesn't seem to go very far, unless you're at Towne & Country for our Buck Night specials! On Sunday nights from 6 PM until 9:30 PM, bring in the entire family and take advantage of these deals:

$1 games of open bowling
$1 shoe rental
$1 large fountain soda
$1 tappers of Miller Lite
$1 French Fries, Hot Dogs, Mini Pretzels, or Deep Fried Chips
(Prices valid only during time slisted. Coupons not accepted for Buck Night specials. Tax added to bowling & food prices.)

Family Night Special Package
Rent a lane for $45 plus tax, which includes 90 minuted of unlimited bowling per lane, a pitcher of soda, a pizza, and complimentary shoe rental for up to six people. This package is available ANYTIME (except Cosmic Cash) and is based on lane availability.

Wednesday Night Family Special
Enjoy the above Family Night special on Wednesday evenings for a special price- $35! And you still get all the benefits! Excellent! (no coupons are needed)
Purchase the Wednesday special from 4 PM until 5:30 PM (with all bowling completed no later than 7 PM).

Bowl as much as you wish between the hours of 9 AM and 12 Noon for only $6 per person (includes tax). We'll even throw in shoe rental. This offer is valid on Sunday mornings only until 12 Noon, at which time all bowling under this offer stops. Bowling is subject to lane availability.

On Sundays that we are not running tournaments or fundraisers, we will host an exciting new concept! Here's how it works:

Check in and start bowling from 12:01 PM until 1:00 PM and pay just $2 per game.
Check in and start bowling from 1:01 PM until 2:00 PM and pay just $2.50 a game.
Check in and start bowling from 2:01 PM until 3:00 PM and pay just $3 a game.
So, the idea is that the earlier you come down, the less you will pay! Shoe rental is not included in this offer and is extra.

This is a first-come, first-served basis. Official time used to determine pricing will be the clock time showing on the bowling register computer. Management will determine/post the time that all bowling must be completed by (in the event that there is a league, tournament, fundraiser, etc. scheduled later that day).

Want to be the first to know what Sundays we'll run Beat The Clock? Like us on  

Whether it's for an upcoming birthday, holiday, or "just because", our popular open bowling pass is the way to go! Purchase one for $50 (which will save over $50% off of regular open bowling rates) and you can use your punch pass most anytime we have lanes available. (excluding league, tournament, and Cosmic Cash bowling)

Prices are per game, per person, tax included

$3.50 per game/per person Mon-Fri
$3.75 per game/per person Sat/Sun/Holidays
Time prices are per hour, per lane, tax included

$13 for the first hr. (75 mins) Mon-Fri before 6 PM; $8 each extra hr. (60 mins)
$16 for the first hr. (75 mins) Mon-Fri after 6 PM; $11 each extra hr. (60 mins)
$21 for the first hr. (75 mins) Sat/Sun/Holidays; $16 each extra hr. (60 mins)

Towne & Country League Bowlers, along with our friends actively serving in (or retired from) the US Military, will enjoy bowling of $2.50 per game or $12 per hour ANYTIME (plus tax, except Cosmic Bowling/Cosmic Prize Nights).

Military personnel are asked to present your Military ID to receive discount. We ask League Bowlers to identify themselves as such.

Shoe rental is $2.50 per pair. All bowlers must wear bowling shoes at all times while bowling. Towne & Country does not supply socks or other foot hosiery.

We reserve the right to limit open bowling due to league/tournament commitments or for disruptive behavior.

Fridays & Saturdays between 9:30 and Midnight
Bowl up to two hours in the dark with music & lights for $10 per person, shoe rental included
NO reservation needed for regular Cosmic Bowling

Cosmic PRIZE NIGHTS (see home page for details on the next Prize night)
$13 per person ($15 is shoes are needed) for up to two hours of unlimited bowling during specified Cosmic Prize Night hours (includes tax)
More information about the program can be found on our Cosmic Bowling page.
Reservations NEEDED for Cosmic Prize Nights

Why isn't open bowling available all day, every day?
T&C is a bowling center that offers league bowling seven days/nights a week. The majority of our leagues take place at night and are sometimes large enough to fill all 18 lanes. Because of this, we offer specific open bowling hours on weekdays, which revolve around the start times of our leagues. Open play is cut off an hour before the start time of leagues, so our personnel can prep the lanes and bowling area for the bowlers. The same holds true on the weekends when we host tournaments and fundraisers.
Although our schedule from Monday-Friday remains consistent for the most part, our schedule will very every weekend. We hold everything from birthday parties, to tournaments, to fundraisers on the weekends and although we try our best to accomodate for open bowling on the weekends, we aren't always able to do so on some weekends.
That is why we strongly encourage our customers to call ahead to see what availability is like.

I called ahead for open bowling, so why aren't there any lanes available now that I'm here?
Open Bowling is on a First-Come, First-Served basis and is difficult to predict. Even if you called to see what was available for the day, and at the exact moment you called we had lanes available, there is always the chance that someone popped in between your call time and your arrival time and the lanes are now taken.

Do I have to rent and wear bowling shoes?
Absolutely YES! Bowling shoes have a different type of sole which allows you to slide when you go to release the ball. Street shoes of any kind are not made for bowling. If you attempt to bowl while wearing street shoes, there is the possibility that you could injure yourself. Additionally, street shoes usually cause damage to the approach surface on the lane.
We do not permit bowling in socks or bare feet, as the chance of a fall or injury increases dramatically.

Why are we told to keep our street shoes out of the bowlers area when it's raining or snowing?
For your safety. Should you step in a puddle of water with your bowling shoes  on and attempt to bowl, you could come to a sudden stop at the foul line, thus causing you to fall down or go forward out onto the lane surface. This is why we always tell our customers to remove their street shoes on the carpeted area of the floor and leave them there BEFORE walking onto the tiled bowling area. We have signage posted at the control counter as a friendly reminder as well.

Why can't I walk outside in my rental shoes?
Same answer as above, for your safety. Bowling shoes are NOT meant to be worn outside, dry OR wet conditions. They are specifically made for the sport of bowling, not for everyday use. If an employee should see you in our parking lot or at any door, they will ask you to please step back inside and will get you a fresh pair of shoes to wear once you have completed your business outside. Same if we note someone start to walk outside.. Again, this is for your safety.
Please keep in mind that shoes damaged by walking outside may be the customer's responsibility if they become damaged beyond repair.

Why can we no longer smoke in the building?
As of July 2010, Towne & Country Lanes, along with every other public building in Wisconsin, became smoke-free. Bowlers that smoke are not permitted to go outside in bowling shoes. We ask customers to change shoes before tgoing outside to smoke. This policy is in effect at all times.

Why don't you put up the bumpers for everyone?
We have an age limit as to who can use the bumpers for no-gutter bowling. Any group over the age of 10 years of age will not have bumpers put up for them. Bumpers are made to keep the bowling ball from going into the gutter for the younger kids. They are teaching tools for these young bowlers; they are NOT made for trick shots. They cannot withstand the ball purposely being thrown hard at them so that the ball bounces back and forth across the lane multiple times.
Bumpers are not indestructible, nor are they inexpensive. This action could cause the bumpers to break, thus resulting in loss of equipment (and income) for T&C. We will hold all parties financially responsible for any willful damage to bumpers, scoring equipment/scoring cameras. and other property.

Towne & Country Lanes
264 S. Pine St., Burlington, WI 53105
Phone: (262) 763-7333 / Fax: (262) 763-3231

Email: info@towneandcountrylanes.com

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