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T&C Bar and Grill 43 years under the same family ownership
Here you'll find some libations from our bar.
If you scroll down just a bit, you'll find our complete food menu.

Double the Happy Hours!!
One of T&C's best values, the Happy Hour, is now twice as good! Enjoy this special pricing between the hours of 4PM-6PM Mon-Fri, and 9PM-11PM Mon-Fri (in the bar ONLY):
12oz domestic cans  & 16oz domestic pints for $2, short rail mixers for $2.50, 12oz craft/micro/import bottles and 16oz craft/import/micro drafts for $2.75

We now carry Three Olives Vodka!

Cherry, Grape, & new Bubble flavors are available.
Stop in and ask your bartender to make one of these signature Three Olives drinks!

Does the cold, dreary winter have you dreaming of the islands?
If so, get one step closer to being there by enjoyng the new Ready-To-Drink Margaritaville cocktails!
Try Classic Lime or Last Mango on the rocks... or ask for one as a frozen concoction!

What's on tap?
We're now serving the latest Sam Adams' Seasonal on draught: Summer Ale!
Have one in a pint today for only

For those who prefer something "fruity" to a traditional beer...
then check out our martini & mixed drink menus!

Here's a small sample of what we offer:

In the Martini Category
Baby Blue
(Absolut, Blue Curacao, Sweet 'n Sour)
Butter Rumtini
(Bailey's, Absolut, Butterscotch Schnapps)
Classic Cosmo
(Absolut, Triple Sec, Cranberry Juice, Twist of Lime)
(Smirnoff, Blackberry Brandy, Sweet 'n Sour)
In the Mixed Drink Category
Peach Sunset
(Peach Schnapps, Cranberry & Orange Juices)
Tropical Twister
(Bacardi Limon, Triple Sec, Pineapple Juice)
(Southern Comfort, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Grenadine)

All Bomb Shots are only $5.25

Jagermeister Bombs
The Original JagerBomb
Jager Root (Jagermeister & Sprecher Root Beer)
Candy Corn (Jagermeister & Sprecher Orange Soda)

Vodka Bombs
Cherry Bomb (Vodka, Cherry Schnapps, & Monster)
Lemon Drop (Vodka, Mike's Hard Lemonade, & sugar on the rim)
Sea Breeze (Vodka, Grapefruit Juice, & Cranberry Juice)
Bullfrog (Vodka, Lemonade, & Triple Sec)

Tequila Bombs
Mexicola (Tequila & Pepsi)
Tequila Sunset (Tequila, Pineapple Juice, & Grenadine)
Tequila Sunrise (Tequila, Orange Juice, & Grenadine)

Whiskey Bombs
The Boilermaker (Whiskey & Beer)
Pineapple Bomb (Whiskey, Pineapple Juice, & Amaretto)
Eye Of The Tiger (SoCo & Orange Juice)
Rickey (Whiskey, Club Soda, & Lime Juice)
Crown Drop (Crown Royal & Monster)

Exotic Bombs
Rootbeer Barrel (Rootbeer Schnapps & Beer)
Strawberry Barrel (Strawberry Pucker & Monster)
Southern Screw (Amaretto, SoCo, & Orange Juice)

From 9 PM until 11 PM on Wednesday nights, enjoy our buffalo wings for the low price of 25 cents each (plus tax)! Save 66% off the regular price! (based on a standard order of 6 wings)

From the grill side... enjoy your favorites cooked to order while you bowl!

 (all prices are plus tax)
Lebby's Pizza
Cheese $8.00
Cheese & Sausage $8.00
Cheese & Pepperoni $8.50
Cheese/Sausage/Mushroom $8.50
Deluxe $9.00

1/3 lb. Hamburger $4.00 (w/chips)
1/3 lb. Cheeseburger $4.25 (w/chips)
Dbl Hamburger $5.25 (w/chips)
Dbl Cheeseburger $5.50 (w/chips)
Nacho Burger $4.50 (w/chips)

Change chips to a "meal deal" with fries for the above items for only $1.50 more

3-pc. Chicken Strips $5.25
"Make Mine With Fries" $5.75
5-pc. Chicken Strips $6.25
"Make Mine With Fries" $6.75
Grilled Chicken Breast $4.50
Sides & Such
The Wisconsin Veggie Combo Basket
(includes Mozz Stix, Cheese Snaps, Onion Rings, Breaded Cheesy Broccoli, & Breaded Mushrooms served w/ ranch & marinara sauce) $7.75
Buffalo Wings $4.50
Jumbo Hot Dog $3.00 (w/ chips), $4.50 (w/fries)
French Fries $2.38, or "Mmm...Cheese Fries" $2.88
Deep Fried Chips $2.38, or "Mmm...Cheese Chips" $2.88
Chive Fries $2.88

Deep Dried Dill Pickle Spears $3.50
Deep Fried Green Beans $4.00
NEW Spicy Pub Pickles $3.50
Broccoli Cheddar Bites $4.75
Mozzarella Stix $4.95
Cheddar Nuggets (aka Cheese Curds) $3.75
Nachos with (you guessed it) Cheese $3.00
Onion Rings $3.75
Jalapeno Cheese Stuffed Pretzels  $3.25
Mini Tacos (w/ side of salsa) $4.25
Mini Corn Dogs  $3.75
NEW Pizza Flips (3 meat, or buffalo)  $3.00

Meal deals come with regular fries. Upgrade to chive fries for $0.50 more

If you STILL can't get enough cheese...
we offer extra cups of cheese (or marinara sauce, or jalapeno peppers) for $0.50 each, incl. tax

All prices are subject to change Menu items are subject to change based on supplier availability.

Towne & Country Lanes
264 S. Pine St., Burlington, WI 53105
Phone: (262) 763-7333 / Fax: (262) 763-3231

Email: info@towneandcountrylanes.com

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