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264 South Pine St. Burlington, WI 53105

Towne & Country Lanes is located in the heart of Burlington, WI., conveniently on South Pine Street (formerly Hwy 83) and close to Milwaukee, Racine, & Kenosha. We're an 18-lane family owned-and-operated recreation center with something for all ages and skill levels.

We work hard to ensure your experience here is a fun one!

Call us at: (262) 763-7333
Fax us: (262) 763-3231

264 S. Pine St., Burlington, WI 53105

Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 2nd

Closing at 4 pm. Open Bowling will end at 3 pm.


To our customers that use credit and debit cards: 
if a customer uses a bank card (credit/debit card, with or without a PIN), a 4% service fee will be added to the cost of your transaction. This is our cost to process such transactions from your bank or provider of choice. On example, if a transaction is $50.00, the service fee is $2

We do offer an ATM where money can be withdrawn. However, between the machine fees and your own bank fees (as applicable), you're still better off with the counter service fee. Or bring cash.
Checks will not be affected (and will still be accepted with proper ID).

effective 9/16/19

Mondays - 9am to close
Tuesdays - 3pm to close
Wednesdays - 9am to close
Thursdays - 9am to close
Fridays - 12 Noon to close
Saturdays - 8am to close
Sundays - 9am to close

Holiday hours will vary

Business typically dictates how long we stay open on any given night, but for most evenings, we will close at some point after the last league session of the night has finished.

All hours are subject to change

Hours of operation are NOT the same as Open Bowling hours.
Please call FIRST to verify Open Bowling availibility, especially for Evenings and Weekends

Save some serious cash and pick up a value-priced bowling package through Groupon!
Curious to learn? Why not check it out here?
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Groupon offers MUST have a valid redemption code from a purchased voucher in order for the offer to be honored.
Offers must be purchased through the Groupon website or App. (You can purchase it before you arrive or on your device once you get here.) We're able to redeem your Groupon purchase either straight from your phone or from a printed copy off of your computer.

Groupon offers are valid during regular open bowling hours only and are not valid during Cosmic Bowling, Cosmic Cash, leagues, tournaments, or during special events (i.e. New Year's Eve).

We run these sessions on Sundays (after Labor Day and through the weekend BEFORE Memorial Day).
 Specials are subject to lane availability and will likely be pre-empted by tournaments, fundraisers, etc.

We recommend you follow our page on Facebook (or pick up a monthly schedule next time you come in) to know which days the specials will run.

9:45 PM to 11:45 PM on Fridays & Saturdays
(until Memorial Day weekend & after Labor Day) (starting time approximate)
(There will be NO Cosmic Bowling or Cosmic Cash during June, July, and August)

We do request a minimum of 10 people planning on bowling in order to run Cosmic or Cosmic Cash on any scheduled night.

Got ten friends? With social media, it's easy!
Make it an event! Throw a special birthday party, anniversary, or any kind of celebration!
We can lock in your spot and you'll have a great night!
We do reserve in advance (and that will help us reach that 10-person minimum)!
Call us at 262-763-7333

$10 per person, unless we're doing a Cosmic Cash night
$15 per person on Cosmic Cash nights
(run once monthly during fall /winter/early spring)
($13 if bowler does not need shoe rental)

Reservations REQUIRED for Cosmic Bowling & Cosmic Cash

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